The Mid-Atlantic Carpenters’ Training Centers


The Mid-Atlantic Carpenters’ Training Centers (MACTC) has conducted carpentry training programs for Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia since 1951. Students in this program are on a career path that promises good union jobs with superior health benefits and retirement pension plans.

The MACTC apprenticeship is a four-year program consisting of on-the-job training and related school-based instruction. Our carpentry students are employed by union construction companies and earn some of the best wages in the industry. MACTC Apprentices earn while they learn.

Journeyman carpenters also attend the MACTC to broaden and enhance their trade craft. The MACTC offers more than 25 Extended Learning classes that allow Journeyman to continually develop their carpentry skills and ensure they are the region’s best craftsmen.

The MACTC also partners with community organizations to offer pre-apprenticeship workforce development programs. Through these partnerships with civic agencies and local high schools, the MACTC is a partner to the Community in training the future workforce.

The Mid-Atlantic Carpenters’ Training Centers combined the apprenticeship programs in Ashland, VA, Charles City, VA, Upper Marlboro and Baltimore, MD, into one organization.  These four training centers now share resources making them operate more efficiently.

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